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You are  stuck stuck with a Rat in a multi dimensional maze. A maze filled with invisible booby traps. Luckily your rat has a power to break things with it's head. You must guide your rat through the maze to a portal which will take you and your rat back to your home! 

Be careful while guiding your rat, one wrong move and the maze rewinds the time, changes itself and throws your rat back where it started. You have only one mean of help which is the multi dimensional radar. This radar scans for all the possible booby traps in all 4 directions of your rat. The number on the radar gives you a value which tells you that there is a possibility of a booby trap in that direction.

Please Read before Playing, I did not get enough time to explain it in game but here's how the in-game radar functions : 
The numbers you see on the radar is the distance for the next booby trap in that direction. For example if you see number 7 on top then your booby trap can be anywhere in the next 7 units in north. If you see number 1 then there's a chance that there will be  a booby trap or not in the next unit. I added this to make the game more difficult. (its not a bug xD)

Controls :

> Use Arrow keys to rotate your rat.
> Use SPACE BAR to make your rat dash in a direction

If you hit a booby trap, your position is reset and the maze reshuffles itself. Your destination becomes even harder to reach.

Let me know how many moves you took to reach the destination in the comments below!

I will continue developing this game even after this game jam. Please let me know if you like the concept of the game and I am sorry for if you come across any bugs :)


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It was so irritating and satisfying at same time. Really cool game. Well done man.

Thanks !

I came so close to finishing it T_T
It was difficult at the start, but once I understood the mechanic, it was pretty fun!

thanks! I must concentrate on conveying controls.